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Title: Migrația internă în Moldova: schimbări în profil teritorial
Authors: Stirba, Vitalie
Keywords: internal migration
rural-urban migration
population redistribution
urban population
rural population
migratie interna
migratia rural-urban
redistribuirea populatiei
populatia rurala
populatia urbana
Republic of Moldova
Republica Moldova
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: INCE
Citation: ȘTÎRBA, Vitalie. Migrația internă în Moldova: schimbări în profil teritorial. In: Economic growth in the conditions of globalization. Scientific session "Demographic processes and socioeconomic sustainability": conference proceedings: International Scientific-Practical Conference, XVIth edition, october 12-13, 2022, Chisinau. Chisinau: INCE, 2022, vol. III, pp. 158-164. ISBN 978-9975-3385-7-8; ISBN 978-9975-3385-8-5 (PDF). DOI:
Abstract: Internal migration is one of the main demographic processes that determine changes in the population structure in the districts of Moldova. The intensity of internal migration is determined by multiple social and economic factors and the migratory potential of the regions of migrants’ origin. This study analyses internal migration in Moldova at the district level using the National Bureau of Statistics data on permanent residence changes. The results show that the internal migration flows are dominated by the young and working-age population between the age of 15-50, who are mainly involved in rural-urban migration. Among the overall number of internal migrants, females exceed males, which creates a disparity in the sex ratio at certain ages in certain localities. Internal migrants are primarily attracted by the main cities, such as Chisinau and Balti, and by the districts in the vicinity of the capital city. As a result, the population increase in these cities is mainly due to internal migration. The article was elaborated within the State Program Project (2020-2023) 20.80009.0807.21 „Migration, demographic changes, and situation stabilisation policies”.
Description: Referinţe bibliografice: p. 164 (7 titl.). JEL Classification: J1, R23. UDC: 314.7.
ISBN: 978-9975-3385-7-8
978-9975-3385-8-5 (PDF)
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