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Title: The costs: theoretical and practical approaches
Authors: Manole, Tatiana
Stratan, Alexandru
Keywords: costs
full costs
direct costs
indirect costs
standard cost
normative value
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: "Victor Slăvescu" Centre for Financial and Monetary Research, Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Citation: MANOLE, Tatiana, STRATAN, Alexandru. The costs: theoretical and practical approaches. In: Journal of Financial and Monetary Economics. 2018, no. 6, pp. 92-100. ISSN 2537-3269.
Abstract: In this article, the authors studied the evolutionary process of costs, from actual costs to standard costs and activity costs. In the process of developing the costs, we found that at the basic raw material production stage, direct costs outweigh the indirect costs, but in the process of transforming the raw material into finished products there is a reverse process - indirect costs outweigh the costs direct, process related to cost-per-activity. That is why we believe that a new state strategy is needed on the producer price. We also think that although there are negative approaches to standard costs, these costs are welcome to fund social activities. We also consider that cost-benefit analysis of a social nature justifies, firstly, the social result obtained, and then costs. Therefore, the use of the concept of costs must be in line with the nature of the economic and social domain.
Description: Bibliogr.: p. 100 (14 titl.). JEL classification: H4, H72, H83.
ISSN: 2537-3269
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