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Title: Evoluţia sistemului de protecţie socială a populaţiei Moldovei (aspect retrospectiv)
Authors: Rojco, Anatolii
Ciobanu, Eleonora
Keywords: protecţie socială
Republica Moldova
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Complexul Editorial, IEFS
Citation: ROJCO, Anatolii, CIOBANU, Eleonora (2012). Evoluţia sistemului de protecţie socială a populaţiei Moldovei (aspect retrospectiv). In: Analele Institutului de Economie, Finanţe şi Statistică. 2012, pp. 141-144. ISSN 1857-363; ISBN 978-9975-4326-6-5.
Abstract: The retrospective aspect of evolution of the social protection of the Moldovan population is analyzed in the article. Using the various historical sources, it is shown that at the time of Ştefan cel Mare şi Şfânt were functioned the certain elements of social protection system. They had the further development in the next years. During the period 1918-1940, the features of social protection of the Bessarabian population and the population from the left-bank of the river Nistru of Moldova are examined.
Description: Abstract în lb. engl. Bibliogr.: p. 144(5 titl.). Recenzent: Savelieva Galina, doctor, IEFS.
ISBN: 978-9975-4326-6-5
ISSN: 1857-3630
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