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Title: Anti-Crisis Measures and Policy Implication for Moldova.
Authors: Stratan, Alexandru
Chistruga, Marcel
Keywords: economic crisis
anti-crisis measures
administrative burden
fiscal burden
Republic of Moldova
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: STRATAN, Alexandru, CHISTRUGA, Marcel (2013). Anti-Crisis Measures and Policy Implication for Moldova. In: Romanian Journal of Economics. 2013. vol. 36, issue 1(45). pp. 55-70. ISSN 2344-4568.
Abstract: The article presents how the Moldovan economy evolved in the post crisis period and how the major policy incentives were implemented. An assessment of the major problems of Moldova after the crisis is undertaken. The authors emphasize the importance of elimination of fiscal burden, administrative burden and access to finance. At the end the authors investigate and propose anti-crisis policy recommendations and solutions for the identified problems.
Description: Abstract în lb. engl. Bibliogr.: p. 70(3 titl.). JEL Classification: H00, E60, E61.
ISSN: 2344-4568
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