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Title: Analysis of labour migration profile in the Republic of Moldova
Other Titles: Analiza profilului migrațional de muncă în Republica Moldova
Authors: Savelieva, Galina
Zaharov, Svetlana
Keywords: labour migration
working-age population
Republic of Moldova
migratia fortei de munca
ocuparea fortei de munca
populatia apta de munca
Republica Moldova
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Performantica
Citation: SAVELIEVA, Galina, ZAHAROV, Svetlana. Analysis of labour migration profile in the Republic of Moldova = Analiza profilului migrațional de muncă în Republica Moldova. In: Dezvoltarea economico-socială durabilă a euroregiunilor și a zonelor transfrontaliere: conferința internațională, ediția a XVIII-a, 28 octombrie 2022, Iași. Iași, 2022, vol. XLII, pp. 351-368. ISSN 2971- 8740.
Abstract: The present article reflects the results of the research on the causes contributing to labour migration flows both at national and regional level, as given issue is relevant for the Republic of Moldova as a donor country of labour force. The economic and social infrastructure are modified through structural reforms, the promotion of market mechanisms, the decline and ageing of population, that affected the development of the regions, including local labour markets, and reduced the opportunities for economically active population to be involved in labour market. Factors such as low wages, the risk of unemployment and poverty intensified of migration processes in search of work abroad. In this context, research was carried out on factors determining the labour migration and their impact on local labour markets. The research was carried out on the basis of official statistics on labour market and labour migration, as well as departmental data in given field. As a result of the research, the principal findings on specifics of development the migration flows in the regional aspect, their impact on the development of national and local labour markets, the challenges of migration on public policies were highlighted and elaborated some proposals on increasing the employment rate with taking into account to reducing social tension and decreasing the flow of working age population as labour migrants abroad, stabilizing the national and local labour market. This article was elaborated within the framework the Scientific Project ―Migration, Demographic Changes and Policies of Stabilization the Situation‖, registeredin theStateRegisterofprojectsin the fieldofscienceand innovationofthe Republicof Moldovawith thecode 20.80009.0807.21 of the State Program (2020-2023).
Description: Referințe bibliografice : pp. 367-368 (20 titl.). JEL classification: E 24, J 62, R 23.
ISSN: 2971- 8740
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