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Title: Finanțarea întreprinderilor mici și mijlocii: dificultăți și perspective
Authors: Ianioglo, Alina
Keywords: finance
financial resources
international ranking
intreprinderi mici si mijlocii
resurse financiare
clasament internațional
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Tipogr. "A& VPoligraf"
Citation: IANIOGLO, Alina. Finanțarea întreprinderilor mici și mijlocii: dificultăți și perspective. В: Știința. Еducație. Сultură = Наука. Образование. Культура : международная научно-практическая конференция, посвященная 30-й годовщине Комратского государственного университета: сборник статей. Комрат, 2021, том 1: Экономические науки. Сельское хозяйство и перерабатывающая промышленность. Информационные технологии, математика и физика. Право и политические науки. Психолого-Педагогические науки, сс. 42-47. ISBN 978-9975-3496-2-8.
Abstract: Access to finance represents one of the major constraints of SMEs, especially in current conditions of pandemic crisis. The article aims to determine main difficulties and prospects in financing SMEs in the Republic of Moldova. In order to achieve the objective of the study, following research methods were used: literature review, analysis of indicators from international rankings, comparison and synthesis. SMEs have proven to be vulnerable to crises, with insufficient access to finance, limited internal procedures for managing crises, poorly developed alternative sources of financing. Thus, a number of measures are needed to support SMEs: financial support, development of alternative sources of funding, technical support for better finance and risk management and other measures.
Description: Text în lb. rom. Abstract în lb engl. Referințe bibliogr.: p. 47 (8 titl.). УДК: 658.1; 336.6.
ISBN: 978-9975-3496-2-8
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