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Title: Piaţa medicamentelor şi oportunităţile de destindere a acesteia
Authors: Stratan, Alexandru
Trofimov, Victoria
Rudic, Valeriu
Lupascu, Tudor
Poisic, Mihail
Coltun, Maria
Teleuta, Alexandru
Fala, Alexandru
Keywords: piaţa medicamentelor
prețuri la medicamente
reglementarea preţurilor
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: STRATAN, Alexandru, TROFIMOV, Victoria, RUDIC, Valeriu, LUPASCU, Tudor, POISIC, Mihail, COLTUN, Maria, TELEUTA, Alexandru, FALA, Alexandru. Piaţa medicamentelor şi oportunităţile de destindere a acesteia. In: AKADEMOS. 2011, nr 3(22), pp. 77-82. ISSN 1857-0461.
Abstract: The problem of drug affordability is very important for Moldova, as it directly affects the wellbeing of the population in a very sensitive area - the health protection. Solving this problem involves two aspects: improving the legal framework of drug pricing and market diversification of medicinal products, which by increasing the offer, may contribute to the relaxation of situation in the concerned market. The article aims to analyse the issues at drug market from Moldova, including the aspect of scientific research contribution to the increase of it’s accesibility for population
ISSN: 1857-0461
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