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Title: Securitatea demografică din perspectiva situației în unitățile administrativ-teritoriale
Authors: Gagauz, Olga
Pahomii, Irina
Keywords: securitate demografică
politică demografică
indice integral
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: INCE
Citation: GAGAUZ, Olga, PAHOMII, Irina. Securitatea demografică din perspectiva situației în unitățile administrativ-teritoriale. In: Creşterea economică în condiţiile globalizării: modele de dezvoltare durabilă. Sesiunea ştiinţifică: “Dinamica populației și calitatea potențialului uman” : conferinţa internaţională ştiinţifico-practică, ediția a XII-a, 12-13 octombrie 2017, Chişinău. Chişinău, 2017, рp. 6-16. ISBN 978-9975-3171-7-7.
Abstract: The article presents the analysis of the dynamics of the Demographic Security Integrated Territorial Index (DSITI) for 2014-2016. The DSITI is used for monitoring the socio- economic and demographic situation on territorial level. During 2014-2016, the DSITI registered minor changes in most of the administrative- territorial units of the Republic of Moldova. Although there is an increase in the score for some districts, it is not significant and does not allow us to see an improvement tendency. In 2016, the IITSD fluctuated within the limits of 69.2-45.8 points, which means that the demographic security level was 69.2-45.8%. The Territorial Health Indicator and the Territorial Occupational Indicator are worsening, which undermines the demographic security of the country. DSITI shows a significant gap in the socio-economic and demographic development on territorial level, deepening of social territorial inequality, and emergence of deprived territories in which the inhabitants lack access to the necessary jobs and social infrastructure. A priority direction of the state policies is the elaboration of differentiated territorial measures aimed at alleviating the differences and facilitating a favorable living environment.
Description: Abstract în lb. engl. Referinţe bibliografice: p. 16 (5 titl.).
ISSN: 978-9975-3171-7-7
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