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Title: Evoluția tehnologiilor de comunicație pe piața Republicii Moldova
Authors: Gutium, Mircea
Colesnicova, Tatiana
Keywords: information technology
national economy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Artifex
Citation: GUTIUM, Mircea, COLESNICOVA, Tatiana. Evoluția tehnologiilor de comunicație pe piața Republicii Moldova. In : Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „Necessity of new Economic-Social Paradigms in the current globalization Context”: international symposium, 4th edition, 23rd - 24th, May, 2019. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2019, pp. 506-516. ISBN 978-606-8716-44-2.
Abstract: Digital economy has fastest growth expansion in the world, and Republic of Moldova also is implicated in this technology race. Even if Moldova does not have Silicon Valley like in United State of America, or strong research facilities in digital sector like in Japan or China, digital sector of Moldova has much support from government and private companies.
Description: Referinţe bibliografice: p. 516 (7 titl.). JEL Classification: G13, G20, G33.
ISBN: 978-606-8716-44 -2
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