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Title: Population situation analysis in the Republic of Moldova
Authors: Gagauz, Olga
Stratan, Alexandru
Buciuceanu-Vrabie, Mariana
Ciubotaru, Victoria
Cheianu-Andrei, Diana
Penina, Olga
Keywords: demografie
Republica Moldova
Republic of Moldova
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: GAGAUZ, Olga, STRATAN, Alexandru, BUCIUCEANU-VRABIE, Mariana, PENINA, Olga, CIUBOTARU, Victoria, CHEIANU-ANDREI, Diana. Population situation analysis in the Republic of Moldova. Chișinău, 2016. 173 p.
Abstract: The Republic of Moldova, like other countries from Central and Eastern Europe, undergoes a demographic transition – an evolutionary process characterised by the shift to an ageing society due to the lower fertility rate and gradual increase of life expectancy at birth, which overlapped with the recent economic and political changes. The population ageing escalates on the background of a population decline that began in 1999, and according to the demographic projections, the population decrease will continue during the following decades.
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