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dc.contributor.authorStratan, Alexandru
dc.contributor.authorRojco, Anatolii
dc.contributor.authorFala, Alexandru
dc.contributor.authorColesnicova, Tatiana
dc.contributor.authorClipa, Victoria
dc.contributor.authorSeptelici, Viorica
dc.contributor.authorVragaleva, Veronica
dc.contributor.authorNovac, Alexandra
dc.contributor.authorLucasenco, Eugenia
dc.contributor.authorGribincea, Corina
dc.contributor.authorToaca, Zinovia
dc.contributor.authorGherbovet, Sergiu
dc.identifier.citationSTRATAN, Alexandru, ROJCO, Anatolii, FALA, Alexandru, COLESNICOVA, Tatiana, CLIPA, Victoria, SEPTELICI, Viorica, VRAGALIEVA, Veronica, NOVAC, Alexandra, GRIBINCEA, Carolina, TOACA, Zinovia, GHERBOVET, Sergiu. Moldovan Economic Trends. Chișinău, 2012, no 8 (Q IV), 137 p. ISSN 1857-3134.en_EN
dc.description.abstractThe Moldovan Economic Trends is a quarterly publication, produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.en_EN
dc.description.sponsorshipThis initiative was supported by the EUHLPAM Project, funded by European Union and implemented by UNDP Moldova.en_EN
dc.subjectexchange ratesen_EN
dc.subjectexternal sectoren_EN
dc.subjectbusiness environmenten_EN
dc.subjectsocial sectoren_EN
dc.titleMoldovan Economic Trends, no 8 (Q IV, 2012)en_EN
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