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Title: Analysis of the Impact of Tariff Levels on Energy and Other Services on Macroeconomic Indicators
Authors: Gutium, Tatiana
Postolati, Vitalie
Bykova, Elena
Grodetskiy, Mihail
Celac, Irina
Keywords: macroeconomic indicators
tariff adjustment
econometric models
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: GUTIUM, Tatiana, POSTOLATY, Vitaly, BYKOVA, Elena, GRODETSKIY, Мihail, CELAC, Irina (2017). Analysis of the Impact of Tariff Levels on Energy and Other Services on Macroeconomic Indicators. In: 2017 International Conference on Electromechanical and Power Systems (SIELMEN), 11-13 October 2017. Iasi, Romania, 2017, pp. 531-534. ISBN 978-1-5386-1847-9.
Abstract: Energy resources are one of the main components of the production cost. The volume of this kind of cost depends on the consumption and tariffs set by suppliers. The branches of the economy are mutually related at the stage of production and sales. A number of macroeconomic indicators, which are quite complex systems, characterizes their activities. Identify the impact on them of tariffs on energy expended and various services is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, this issue is very important, since the establishment of tariffs for energy, material resources and services is sometimes carried out without taking into account their influence on the final macroeconomic indicators and the welfare of the population. In this article, an attempt is made to highlight the impact of tariffs on the main macroeconomic indicators of the economy. It turned out that the higher the tariffs, the greater the intermediate consumption and the lower the gross added value and the volume of the gross domestic product, as well as the volume of final consumption. To ensure sustainable development of the economy, it is necessary to coordinate the establishment of energy tariff levels, taking into account the welfare of the population.
ISBN: 978-1-5386-1847-9
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