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dc.contributor.authorCristian, Irina-
dc.identifier.citationCRISTIAN, Irina (2013). Caracteristicile eficienţei economice – abordări din punctul de vedere economico - statistic. In: Analele Institutului de Economie, Finanţe şi Statistica. 2013, pp. 208-211. ISSN 1857-3630; ISBN 978-9975-4326-6-5.en_EN
dc.descriptionAbstract în lb. engl. Bibliogr.: p. 210(6 titl.). JEL Classification: I0, I3, P17.en_EN
dc.description.abstractEconomic efficiency is a contemporary assessment and serves on the justification of the decisions, so the resources available to be consumed in the manner most favourable to society. An important role is the concept of economic efficiency, supporting the linkage between resources allocated for the conduct of an action and results. In theall activities economic and social were natural resources and population are in order to obtain social and economic results should be analysed in terms of their effectiveness.en_EN
dc.publisherComplexul Editorial, IEFSen_EN
dc.subjecteconomie naţionalăen_EN
dc.subjecteficienţa economicăen_EN
dc.subjectnational economyen_EN
dc.subjecteconomic efficiencyen_EN
dc.titleCaracteristicile eficienţei economice – abordări din punctul de vedere economico - statisticen_EN
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