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Title: Cuantificarea eficienţei activităţilor lucrătorului din agricultură
Authors: Stratan, Alexandru
Keywords: economic potential
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: STRATAN, Alexandru. Cuantificarea eficienţei activităţilor lucrătorului din agricultură. In: Ştiinţa Agricolă. 2009, nr. 1, pp. 86-90. ISSN 1857-0003.
Abstract: The modern agriculture has become a system of enormous dimensions with certain structures and functioning mechanisms. The specialization of regions conducted to the separation and regional regrouping of different branches, appearance of some complementary and interdependent systems, in other words to a new labor division, named horizontal; the subsystems supply with agricultural raw material the processing industries producing goods designated for alimentary and non-alimentary consumption. In the framework of the agricultural activity the labor constitutes the active production factor having, primordially, two components: physical and intellectual one.
Description: Abstract în lb. engl. Bibliogr.: p. 90 (4 titl.). CZU 338.43
ISSN: 1857-0003
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