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Title: Economic consequences of remittances? Case of Moldova.
Authors: Stratan, Alexandru
Chistruga, Marcel
Keywords: national economy
Republic of Moldova
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: STRATAN, Alexandru, CHISTRUGA, Marcel (2012). Economic consequences of remittances? Case of Moldova. In: Procedia Economics and Finance. 2012, vol. 3, pp. 1191-1195. ISSN 2212-5671.
Abstract: Economic literature continuously argues about the consequences of remittances and scholars try to capture the effects of migration and remittances on economic growth and development. In the last decades, these phenomena became a proper pattern for the Moldovan economy. High remittances impose the Moldovan authorities to concern on better understanding of the following issues: ways of legalization and securitization of remittances inflows, in the short run, and attracting of remittances in economy and their better utilization, in general. At the same time, the paper will analyze migration and remittances patterns in order to formulate relevant policy recommendations for decisions makers.
Description: Abstract în lb. engl. Bibliogr.: p. 1195(5 titl.).
ISSN: 2212-5671
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