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Title: Procesul de valorificare a surselor de energie regenerabile în Republica Moldova
Authors: Popa, Viorica
Popa, Nicolae
Filimon, Oleg
Keywords: energy resources
renewable energy
energy consumption
energy efficiency
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: INCE
Citation: POPA, Viorica, POPA, Nicolae, FILIMON, Oleg. Procesul de valorificare a surselor de energie regenerabile în Republica Moldova. In: Economic growth in the conditions of globalization: conference proceedings: International Scientific-Practical Conference, XVIIth edition, october 12-13, 2023, Chisinau. Chisinau: SEP ASEM, 2023, vol. II, pp. 268-279. ISBN 978-9975-167-21-5 (PDF).
Abstract: Renewable energy sources are one of the most challenging ways in which almost half of the target set and agreed in the Paris Agreement on climate change can be achieved, with the aim of reducing resource consumption, optimizing costs and ensuring a more sustainable future. bright and more energy-safe. The Republic of Moldova faces numerous energy challenges, including dependence on energy imports and a growing demand for energy to fuel economic growth. Imported fossil fuels already account for over two-thirds of primary energy supplies, making the country vulnerable to rising fuel costs and the risks of supply disruptions. On the other hand, the Republic of Moldova has a major renewable energy potential, which, until now, has remained almost unexploited. With the increasing cost competitiveness of renewable energy policymakers have increasingly recognized renewable energy as an important means to address these energy challenges and achieve a sustainable future. The objective of the study is to analyze the process of valorization of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Moldova as well as the intelligent solutions adapted to the conditions of the national economy. The hypothesis is formulated starting from the results presented in the literature analysis section and consists in the fact that one of the basic rules of the energy efficiency transition is the exploitation of renewable energy sources in new resources for other industries. This study was developed within the State Program 20.80009.0807.22 "Development of the mechanism for formation of the circular economy in the Republic of Moldova” funded from the state budget through the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova.
Description: Text: lb. rom. Abstrac: lb. engl. Referinţe bibliografice: pp. 278-279 (7 titl.). JEL Classification: Q40, Q47, Q50. UDC: 620.92(478).
ISBN: 978-9975-167-21-5
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