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Title: Aspectele sociale ale investiţiilor durabile: realizări si perspective
Authors: Timus, Angela
Timus, Andrei
Keywords: investments
sustainable development
social welfare
socially responsible investment
dezvoltare durabila
bunastare sociala
investitii durabile
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Artifex
Citation: TIMUȘ, Angela, TIMUȘ, Andrei. Aspectele sociale ale investiţiilor durabile: realizări si perspective. In: Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „Opportunities for changing the Economic Social Realities of the World”: international symposium, 10th edition, May 26th-27th, 2022. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2022, pp. 324-333. ISBN 978-606-8716-66-4.
Abstract: The 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development has set goals to contribute to sustainable development, promoting the environment and social welfare values. Programs and instruments have been set up for sustainable investment to ensure an adequate financing process and calibrated to sustainable principles. Sustainable investment in the context of financing projects and / or programs designed to contribute to sustainable growth includes a new dimension of investment, both conceptually and methodologically. The EU regulatory framework in the field of sustainable financing, the definition of sustainable investment and the taxonomy relevant to these types of investments, has been adopted and developed in several dimensions. The paper will highlight social aspects of sustainable investment, findings on sustainable investment trends and policies.
Description: Text în lb. rom. Abstract în lb. engl. Referințe bibliografice : pp. 331-333 (22 titl.). JEL Classification: Q01, Q56, P45.
ISBN: 978-606-8716-66-4
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