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Title: Evaluarea principalilor indicatori de funcţionare a sistemului de pensii din Republica Moldova
Authors: Rojco, Anatolii
Heghea, Ecaterina
Keywords: pension system
number of pensioners
number of pensioners
support of pensioners
nominal the pension
real size of the pension
sistemul de pensii
numărul de pensionari
numarul de pensionari
pensia nominala
marimea reala a pensiei
indexarea pensiilor
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Artifex
Citation: ROJCO, Anatolii, HEGHEA, Ecaterina. Evaluarea principalilor indicatori de funcţionare a sistemului de pensii din Republica Moldova. In: Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „Opportunities for changing the Economic Social Realities of the World”: international symposium, 10th edition, May 26th-27th, 2022. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2022, pp. 459-475. ISBN 978-606-8716-66-4.
Abstract: In the Republic of Moldova, significant changes are currently being implemented in the pension norms, which have a significant impact on the functioning of the pension system. Its further modernization should take into account the consequences of these changes, in connection with which there was an objective need to assess the dynamics of the main indicators of the pension system. This is the reason for the actuality of this article. The following methods were used in the study: monographic, analogies, comparison, statistics, etc. The assessment of the number of pensioners showed that it has a downward trend. The factors influencing this process were determined. The impact of the increase in the standard retirement age on the decrease in the number of pensioners is assessed. Changes in the structure of the number of recipients of various types of pensions, as well as such indicators as the number of pensioners per 1000 people of the population and the coefficient of support for pensioners are analyzed. The factors causing the growth of the nominal and real size of the pension have been established. As a negative phenomenon, a significant differentiation in the size of pensions by their types, as well as an increased “gap” in the size of pensions by age between men and women, was assessed.
Description: Text în lb. rom. Abstract în lb. engl. Referințe bibliografice : p. 475 (5 titl.). JEL Classification: H55, H75, J14, J26.
ISSN: 978-606-8716-66-4
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