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Title: The importance of human resources in public administration
Other Titles: Importanța resurselor umane în domeniul administrației publice
Authors: Savcenco, Silvia
Keywords: public administration
human capital
human resources
resurse umane
administratie publica
capital uman
forta de munca
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Performantica
Citation: SAVCENCO, Silvia. The importance of human resources in public administration = Importanța resurselor umane în domeniul administrației publice. In: Dezvoltarea economico-socială durabilă a euroregiunilor și a zonelor transfrontaliere: materialele conferinței științifice internaționale, ediția a XVI-a, 30 octombrie 2020, Iași. Iași, 2020, vol. XXXVII, pp. 453-459. ISBN 978-606-685-742-0.
Abstract: The profound transformations in economic, political and social life are the concrete expression of the need for change. In these complex evolutions, the decisive role is played by the decision centers, especially, through the professional managerial interventions. Thus, the performance of public authorities depends to a large extent on the competence and professionalism of the human resources that work in them, on the way the staff conceives the objectives before the public authorities, on the way they solve them, on the extent to which they assume responsibility for the consequences of their activity, on the way they work with citizens. Starting from the fact that the realization of political decisions and general economic and social progress depends largely on the quality of administration, it is easy to understand the special attention paid to the study and proper positioning of human resources by scientists, as a key factor in making organizational decisions. Thus, in this article it will be revealed the role of human resources in the field of public administration.
Description: Referințe: p. 459 (9 titl.). JEL classification: J24, J53, M54.
ISSN: 978-606-685-742-0
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