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Title: Instrumente digitale utilizate în domeniul vamal
Authors: Gutium, Mircea
Keywords: customs
cross-border trade
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Artifex
Citation: GUTIUM, Mircea. Instrumente digitale utilizate în domeniul vamal. In : Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „Back to the Future. Social - economic Challenges and Perspectives” : international symposium, 8th edition, may 27th-287th, 2021. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2021, pp. 693-699. ISBN 978-606-8716-59-6.
Abstract: This article reflects the results of a study of the features of the organization of electronic cross-border trade, identifies the problems arising in the customs sphere in digital trade, describes the international experience in solving these problems using digital tools and optimization. The main object is to study the directions of activity of the customs authorities of states in the context of the expansion of this type of trade.
Description: Referinţe bibliografice: pp. 698-699 (10 titl.). JEL Classification: K20, M15, L91.
ISBN: 978-606-8716-59-6
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