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dc.contributor.authorNovac, Alexandra-
dc.contributor.authorMaier, Lidia-
dc.identifier.citationNOVAC, Alexandra, MAIER, Lidia. Politica de dezvoltare a IMM-urilor: susținerea educației antreprenoriale a tinerilor din Republica Moldova. In : Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „ Humanity at a crossroad. Between digital Economy and Need for a Paradigm of going back to Nature”: international symposium, 6th edition, 14th-15th, May, 2020. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2020, pp. 174-180. ISBN 978-606-8716-54-1.en_EN
dc.descriptionReferinţe bibliografice: pp. 180 (4 titl.). JEL Classification: L26, L38, L53.en_EN
dc.description.abstractEntrepreneurship education of young people is one of the priorities of policies around the world, being an engine of progress, and the European Commission recognizes entrepreneurship education and skills acquisition as a tool that can help young people become more entrepreneurial, develop their spirit of initiative, to acquire skills and entrepreneurial behavior. At the same time, entrepreneurship education supports young people to gain the ability to better identify and exploit the opportunities, to put ideas into practice, to plan and manage projects in order to achieve clearly set goals. In this paper, the authors review the efforts of the Republic of Moldova regarding entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial skills acquisition, taking into account the state policies, in which entrepreneurship education for young people is carried out, the programs to support the involvement of young people in entrepreneurship. Also the paper presents the results of the evaluation of the entrepreneurial education level of youngpeople in the educational institutions, obtained by the method of questioning with the participation of the authors. The results and conclusions of theevaluation can be useful for employees of public administration bodies andagencies, which regulate or are involved in the process of entrepreneurshipeducation and entrepreneurship skills acquisition.en_EN
dc.subjectentrepreneurship educationen_EN
dc.subjectentrepreneurship skillsen_EN
dc.subjecteducational policyen_EN
dc.subjectRepublic of Moldovaen_EN
dc.subjectîntreprinderi mici şi mijlociien_EN
dc.titlePolitica de dezvoltare a IMM-urilor: susținerea educației antreprenoriale a tinerilor din Republica Moldovaen_EN
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