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Title: Gender equality in employment: social policies of different countries
Authors: Colesnicova, Tatiana
Keywords: gender equality
social policy
gender stereotypes
unpaid domestic work
institutional structures
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Artifex
Citation: COLESNICOVA, Tatiana. Gender equality in employment: social policies of different countries. In : Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „Necessity of new Economic-Social Paradigms in the current globalization Context”: international symposium, 4th edition, 23rd - 24th, May, 2019. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2019, pp. 456-466. ISBN 978-606-8716-44 -2.
Abstract: The specific of gender equality regulation models and its implementation in the social policies of different countries is analysed in this scientific work. The gender policies in different countries are include the individual features. The theoretical models of the welfare state were described. The much attention is put on the social assistant of employed women in EU’s countries. The following research methods were used in this work: logical, monographic, synthesis, comparative analysis.
Description: Referinţe bibliografice: pp. 464-466 (18 titl.). JEL Classification: J08, J16, J18.
ISBN: 978-606-8716-44 -2
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