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Title: On implementation platform for gender-oriented econometrical calculations
Authors: Colesnicov, Alexandru
Malahov, Ludmila
Lucasenco, Eugenia
Keywords: gender
gender imbalance
econometrical methods
Web application
gender audit
software implementation platform
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Artifex
Citation: COLESNICOV, Alexandru, MALAHOV, Ludmila, LUCAȘENCO, Eugenia. On implementation platform for gender-oriented econometrical calculations. In : Experience. Knowledge. Contemporary Challenges „Romania in the Year of the Centenary. The European and global socio-economic Context”: international symposium, 3rd edition, 13th-14th december, 2018. Artifex University of Bucharest. Bucharest, 2018, pp. 232-244. ISBN 978-606-8716-43-5.
Abstract: The article discusses selection of the implemetation platform to develop Web application for econometrical analysis of the gender imbalance in the labour market on micro-economic level. Six principles of software selection are formulated and substantiated. Using these principles, three systems from 126 were selected in several iterations. The winner is XWiki that additionally provides more comfortable features to program algorithms of econometrical calculations.
Description: Referinţe bibliografice: pp. 243-244 (19 titl.). JEL Classification: C6, C8, J7, M4, M5.
ISBN: 978-606-8716-43-5
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