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Title: Factor analysis of the mechanism of money creation in the banking system of the Republic of Moldova
Authors: Cociug, Victoria
Timofei, Olga
Keywords: monetary policy
money supply
money creation
commercial banks
Republic of Moldova
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Citation: COCIUG, Victoria, TIMOFEI, Olga. Factor analysis of the mechanism of money creation in the banking system of the Republic of Moldova. In: ROMAN, Angela, ANTON, Sorin Gabriel, BILAN, Irina, eds. Euro and the European banking system: evolutions and challenges. Iaşi, 2015, pp. 80-89. ISBN 978-606-714-142-9.
Abstract: Money creation is one of the essential functions performed by commercial banks in the economy. The knowledge of the influencing factors can offer major opportunities for effectively linking of the central bank's monetary policy and its response from the real sector. It is certain that monetary policy signals are often distorted by commercial banks, which should further promote them in the economy, which means that the ability of commercial banks to create money is not influenced only by the central bank, but also by other non-monetary factors. The central purpose of this article is the determination of these factors and the correlation between them and the amount of money.
Description: Bibliogr.: p. 89 (9 titl.). JEL Classification: : G21, G28.
URI: 978-606-714-142-9
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