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Title: Enhancing capacity of green economy by education
Authors: Ungur, Cristina
Keywords: green economy
green growth indicators
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: „Independenţa Economică”
Citation: UNGUR, Cristina. Enhancing capacity of green economy by education. In: The Journal Contemporary Economy = Revista Economia Contemporană. 2019, vol. 4, issue 2, pp. 120-128. ISSN 2537-4222, ISSN-L 2537-4222.
Abstract: The country’s ability to pass to a green economy model depends on the volume of resources, competence and the knowledge itholds. In adopting "green" development practices, it is important to study the possibilities and the limits of the implementation of green business models, which can be achieved by establishing and calculating the performance indicators of the green economy in the main sectors of the economy.This article presented the theoretical analysis of the "green" economy concept and analyzed the performance indicators of the "green" economy in education. The research approach was inductive using traditional methods: bibliographic research, systemic observation, statistical and comparative analysis. The study is focused on education data from the Republic of Moldova. Period for calculating the indicators included study years 2013-2018. The results showed that education indicators in the Republic of Moldova are decreasing. In conclusion, the development of human capital must be a real priority for the Republic of Moldova, as this is one of the main factors that can positively influence the long-term development of the country. For this, increased efforts are needed, especially at the regulatory level.
Description: Bibliogr.: pp. 127-128(12 titl.). JEL Classification:I 25, Q01.
ISSN: 2537-4222
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