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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The activity of institutional investors on the securities market of the Republic of MoldovaIordachi, Victoria
2017Adaption of trading platforms to digital ageIordachi, Victoria; Timus, Angela
2019Anticipation of bank failures in the Republic of MoldovaCiobu, Stela; Iordachi, Victoria; Jalba, Andrei
2017Assessment of illegal capital flows in the Republic of MoldovaPetrova, Tatiana; Iordachi, Victoria; Clichici, Dorina
2023Circular economy in practice: key actors in sustainable transformation.Perciun, Rodica; Savga, Larisa; Iordachi, Victoria
2020COVID-19 and the response of central monetary authoritiesIordachi, Victoria; Timus, Angela; Ciobu, Stela
2018Crearea şi Organizarea Clusterelor în Republica MoldovaIordachi, Victoria; Gribincea, Corina; Ungur, Cristina; Boldurat, Vladislav
2020Criza Covid-19 și viitorul economiei circulareIordachi, Victoria
2022Economia circulară: colectarea deșeurilorIordachi, Victoria; Popa, Viorica; Popa, Nicolae
2019External debt implications on the development of national economyIordachi, Victoria; Ciobu, Stela
2018Implementation of basel agreements in the banking sector of the Republic of MoldovaIordachi, Victoria; Ciobu, Stela
2015Implementation of financial derivatives on the capital market of Republic of Moldova: challenges and opportunitiesIordachi, Victoria; Rosca, Marcelina
2022International expertise in tracking and recovery of illegal financial flowsIordachi, Victoria; Calpajiu, Pavel
2017International reserves management in the Republic of MoldovaIordachi, Victoria; Tirlea, Mariana Rodica; Petrova, Tatiana
2011Investițiile - premiză pentru sporirea competitivității economiei naționaleTimus, Angela; Fala, Victoria; Iordachi, Victoria; Isachi, Silvia-Elena
2020Non-cash payment - a stringent necessity in pandemic conditionsPerciun, Rodica; Iordachi, Victoria; Timofei, Olga
2016Patent system of taxation for small business: country experience of introducing Special Tax RegimesIordachi, Victoria
2018Possibilities of using tax multipliers for stabilization in transition economiesCociug, Victoria; Timus, Angela; Iordachi, Victoria
2023Recovery of flows and impact on the budget in the Republic of Moldova: a detailed analysisIordachi, Victoria; Calpajiu, Pavel
2015Regulation of institutional investors’ activity in the Republic of Moldova: problems and new challenges for the development of domestic capital marketIordachi, Victoria; Timus, Angela; Fala, Victoria