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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of illegal capital flows in the Republic of MoldovaPetrova, Tatiana; Iordachi, Victoria; Clichici, Dorina
2015Consecinţele guvernanţei corporative deficiente asupra sistemului bancar autohton: Constatări și soluțiiClichici, Dorina
2015Corporate governance – determinant of Moldovan banking system stabilityClichici, Dorina; Lupu, Iulia
2013The determinants of banking system vulnerability in the Republic of MoldovaClichici, Dorina
2015Guvernanţa corporativă şi implicaţiile ei asupra stabilităţii sistemului bancar al Republicii MoldovaClichici, Dorina
2014The impact of macroeconomic factors on non-performing loans in the Republic of MoldovaClichici, Dorina; Colesnicova, Tatiana
2015Implications of the financial crisis on the soundness of the banking system in the Republic of MoldovaClichici, Dorina; Gribincea, Corina
2015Quality Of Banking Supervision And Its Determinants: The Case Of Republic Of MoldovaClichici, Dorina
2016Relevanţa ciclicităţii pentru direcţiile de acţiune ale băncilor centraleClichici, Dorina
2015Rethinking the institutional framework for financial stability in the Republic of MoldovaClichici, Dorina
2018Threats to macroeconomic stability under the impact of international capital movementIordachi, Victoria; Ciobu, Stela; Clichici, Dorina
2019Trade relations of the Republic of Moldova with the Russian Federation: from dependence to export reorientationClichici, Dorina; Iordachi, Victoria
2016Weaknesses of corporate governance within the banking sector of the Republic of MoldovaClichici, Dorina
2017Тhe management of financial stability in national strategiesPerciun, Rodica; Clichici, Dorina