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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The experience of CIS countries in supporting agricultural sector during COVID-19 crisisCiobanu, Mihail
2020Experienta internationala privind suportul familiilor numeroase prin intermediul cardurilor de reduceriCiobanu, Mihail
2022Experiența internațională în aplicarea voucherelor culturale pentru copii și tineriCiobanu, Mihail; Savcenco, Silvia
2019Experiența unor țări din Asia privind mecanismele financiare de stimulare a întreprinderilor „verzi” prin creditareCiobanu, Mihail
2020Experiența unor țări din Europa de Est privind măsurile de suport în sectorul agricol in perioada pandemiei Covid-19Ciobanu, Mihail
2019Experienţa unor ţări din Asia privind mecanismele financiare de stimulare a întreprinderilor „verzi” prin creditareCiobanu, Mihail
2019Financial assistance forthe small and medium-sized enterprises’transition effort to “green economy”in the Republic of MoldovaGribincea, Corina; Ungur, Cristina; Ciobanu, Mihail; Lucasenco, Eugenia
2020The impact of COVID-19 on the dwelling sector in the Republic of MoldovaColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail
2019The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the Moldovan labour marketColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail; Gutium, Mircea
2021Initiatives for children in difficulty from business during the Covid-19 pandemicCiobanu, Mihail; Colesnicova, Tatiana
2019International experience on childcare leave practices from a gender-based perspectiveColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Ghenadie; Ciobanu, Mihail
2018Legal restrictions for women on labour market in ex-USSR countries in the context of fostering gender equalityColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail
2021A methodological analysis of child vulnerability assessment toolsCiobanu, Mihail
2020Moldovan residential sector during COVID-19 crisisColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail
2021Nivelul de trai al populației Republicii MoldovaColesnicova, Tatiana; Gutium, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail; Gutium, Mircea
2021Noua paradigmă a comportamentului consumatorilor în perioada pandemiei COVID-19Gutium, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail
2022Online summer camps for children as a form of virtual tourism and their advantages and disadvantagesColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail
2020Particularities of organization of rest and recovery for children in difficulty in the summer season in the Republic of MoldovaCiobanu, Mihail
2022Recent evolutions of some indicators regarding social protection in the Republic of MoldovaColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail; Savcenco, Silvia
2016Remunerarea muncii in Republica Moldova: analiză și tendințeColesnicova, Tatiana; Ciobanu, Mihail; Iatisin, Tatiana